Alternator and Starter Motor

Snow Bros Auto Electrical are specialists in starter motor and alternator diagnosis and repairs or replacement. You can trust our experienced and fully qualified auto electricians and mechanics. They can quickly diagnose electrical faults related to your starter motor or alternator. Snow Bros uses the latest technology, to ensure fast and accurate diagnosis of faults.

Alternator Problems

A fault with your alternator can prevent your battery from charging or cause the battery to over charge. Sometimes this can lead to unnecessary battery replacement without checking the charging system and fixing the cause of the problem. Occasionally the issue is a minor component such as a fan belt needs replacing or tightening.

The qualified auto electricians at Snow Bros will diagnose any problems and give you the best advice. Such as whether your alternator should be repaired or if it needs to be replaced. This may also depend on the type of alternator and the type of vehicle.

Starter Motor Issues

Often if you are having trouble starting your vehicle at times, a faulty starter motor may be causing the problem. Faulty starters often mimic the effects of a flat battery as the engine may turn over slowly, or not at all. The battery terminals and battery leads may even produce smoke as well as get extremely hot as the faulty starter motor draws a lot of power from the battery.

Once your starter motor problem has been diagnosed, the team at Snow Bros will advise you on the best options. For example, if your starter motor has a common fault it may be better to replace it with a new aftermarket starter motor. However, if your starter motor is a reliable brand it may be better to rebuild it.

You get excellent customer service and reliable, quality workmanship when you get your starter motor or alternator repaired or replaced at Snow Bros Auto Electrical. Bring your vehicle in for a Free Test. The Snow Bros auto electricians will certainly provide you with all the options and advice you need.

Contact Snow Bros Auto Electrical Whangarei today for honest and reliable starter motor and alternator solutions.

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