Car Air Conditioning Repairs From $290!

Snow Bros Auto Electrical provide expert car air conditioning advice and top-quality workmanship 100% guaranteed. Auto air conditioning systems need regular servicing because the hoses and components of most air conditioning systems slowly leak refrigerant gas out of the A/C system at around 10-15% per year. This gradually makes the auto air conditioning system less efficient until it will eventually stop working all together.

Car Air Conditioning needs maintenance

Although modern car air conditioning systems are both efficient and reliable they are still a mechanical system. Vehicle air con systems require regular servicing to maintain their efficient operation. Generally, an annual service for your air conditioning unit will maintain the efficiency of the system and ensure your auto air con continues to run reliably.

If your car air conditioning system is not regularly maintained damage can occur. Also, if your auto air conditioning system runs out of refrigerant gas and is then not used for a while, the internal seals may dry out, and lead to leaks in your air conditioning system when it is re-gassed.

Auto air conditioning systems contain potentially harmful gases under  high pressure. The refrigerant gas can cause severe cold burns as well as blindness. Its best to leave your vehicle air conditioning repairs to the experts at Snow Bros Auto Electrical. We can repair and diagnose your system using specialized vehicle air conditioning servicing equipment.

Air Conditioning Repairs From $290

The professional auto electricians from Snow Bros will inspect your vehicle’s air con and give you reliable correct advice. They will then provide you with a quote for any work you may require. They make only cost-effective repairs and there are no surprises or hidden costs.

The friendly team at Snow Bros are always available to answer any questions. If your cars A/C system isn’t performing well contact Snow Bros Auto Electrical and book in for a  A/C inspection and quote.

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