Redarc electric trailer brakes -supply, installation and repair

Tow your caravan safely with Redarc electric trailer brakes from Snow Bros Auto Electrical. Our expert installation team are highly experienced with installing electric brakes on all models of caravans and trailers.

NZ rural and coastal roads can make towing caravans a challenge, so it makes sense to get a braking system that safeguards your safety and the safety of others on the road. Electric brakes make towing your trailer or caravan much safer. Particluarly on the roads of Northland and other areas where there are steep winding roads.

Snow Bros Auto Electrical are stockists of leading brand Redarc. We install, maintain and repair Redarc electric brakes for customers in Whangarei as well as throughout Northland.

Redarc breakaway system for electric trailer brakes

The Redarc Tow Pro Elite Brake Controller gives you ultimate in safety when towing a caravan. It activates in the event of a trailer separating from your vehicle, triggering the brakes as well as the brake lights on the trailer, giving you peace of mind. This system minimises the liklihood of causing damage to your vehicle and others on the road.

Our qualified technicians will install the Redarc system on your caravan trailer and keep it working perfectly with our servicing, maintenance and repair service.

If you have any questions about Redarc electric brakes, Get in touch today. The Snow Bros team are here to help you travel safely.

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