Car Battery

Snow Bros Auto Electrical in Whangarei are the vehicle battery specialists. Not only do they have the largest range of vehicle batteries in Whangarei, they also have battery terminals, connectors and all the wire, cable etc that you might need. If you’re having trouble with your car battery, you may not need to buy a new one, take your car battery into the experts at Snow Bros Auto Electrical. Let them have a look at it and see if it needs to be replaced.

Troubleshooting an vehicle battery is essential to determine if the battery is causing any other electrical problems and whether it requires replacement. Many issues are more common than others but the team at Snow bros can easily identify any battery and electrical problem. If your battery needs replacing, Snow Bros has the best range of top quality vehicle & marine batteries in Whangarei, including deep cycle batteries, at the best price.

Is your car battery playing up?

If your car won’t turn over at all when you are trying to start up, your car battery could be drained flat from “current draw”. As a result, your car won’t start. This is a common issue with car batteries and there are various causes. There may be other electrical causes such as the vehicle battery is not re-charging properly. Or there may have a current draw when the key is removed. There may be other minor factors like the battery contacts are loose or covered in contaminant, or the battery may just be too old and fails to perform under load.

When you are experiencing these problems with your vehicle battery it’s always best to seek professional help. Snow Bros Auto Electrical can service any and all car batteries in Whangarei. They can diagnose the fault and trace the problem to it’s cause. Snow Bros will give you reliable trustworthy advice about your car battery problems.

Car Battery Replacement on the spot

If the problem is as simple as replacing the battery we can do that on the spot. If the issue is a bit more complicated, such as the vehicle battery is not re-charging, then the professionals at Snow Bros will give you the best advice about what to do.

At Snow Bros Auto Electrical you will be served by qualified tradesmen. We know our stuff when it comes to vehicle and marine batteries. Contact Snow Bros Auto Electrical today for more information or to book in for a Free vehicle battery inspection. We even accept the Farmlands card!

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