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Northlands Car Battery Specialists

For a comprehensive range of automotive batteries and reliable advice, come and see the Snow Bros team.  Marshall, Delkor, Supercharge, Exide Endurant, Enigi, Alco, Amptech, US Battery, Trojen, Ritar, Fullriver and Optima are just a few of the brands we do. We can do on the spot battery and alternator test on the spot and can give you a print out of the state of health of the battery. We stock a wide range of starting batteries for cars, boats, farm tractor, bus, motorhome, RV, ATV’s, motorcycle, side by side, SxS, 4×4, 4WD,  as well as Deep cycle AGM, Lithium and Flooded for your caravan, RV, motorhome, golf cart, golf trundler and boat As experienced, trusted auto electricians, you can rely on our knowledge to ensure you get the battery you need.


Marine batteries

Keep your boat running smoothly with our range of marine starting and dual purpose batteries. From small outboards to large inboards, we’ll help you choose the right battery for your boat.  Got a large trailer boat and wanting to run a fridge?  Then maybe we can help with putting some solar on the roof to help keep that fridge running cool.

Deep cycle batteries

Deep cycle batteries provide constant power over longer periods making them ideal for recreational vehicles, boating, off the grid power sources, and machines such as forklifts and golf carts. We stock a huge range of AGM, Flooded and Lithium batteries.  We specialize in providing advice on the best deep cycle battery for your application.

Car batteries

It’s critical in modern cars to get the right battery for the job.  Not all cars can just have any old battery fitted, some require EFB enhanced flooded or an AGM type that has to be programmed to the vehicle.  We can not only fit the battery for you on the spot while you wait but can reprogramme the car as well.  For specialist advice and a great range of stock, when you need a battery for your car, talk to us. Our auto electricians will discuss your motoring needs and get you sorted with the right automotive battery that suits your car.

Car stuck at home and won’t go, then reach out to us and can get someone there to give you a jumpstart and if need be replace the battery and or check your alternator, prices start from $75 inc GST.

Batteries for 4WD, Trucks and motor homes

Need a battery for a larger vehicle? For off-roading, holiday motoring or heavy vehicles, you can rely on our advice and huge range of stock to keep you going. For batteries with extreme start up and reliable performance, our Marshall Batteries have the highest cold cranking amps cca and some up to 42 month warranty! See the battery specialists.

Battery chargers

When you need battery chargers for automotive, marine, deep cycle, solar setups and RV motorhome applications, we can help. We stock DC/DC chargers and AC/DC chargers in 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 volts, to suit your car, boat, RV motorhome or golf cart.  Not sure what you need? We’ll advise you on the right product for your needs.


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