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Caravan & Motorhome Solar

Snow Bros Auto Electrical have the largest range in Northland of solar equipment and are your local motorhome or caravan auto electrical team. We can supply custom kit sets to suit your needs for your motorhome, boat, caravan or tiny home. We have over 15 years specializing in installing solar systems on motorhome, caravan, RV, tiny house, tiny home, recreational vehicles.  Perhaps you want a kit set made up and fit it yourself for that batch at the beach or tiny house?  Snow Bros supply quality solar panels, charger invertors, controllers, connectors, circuit breakers and much more.  Do you need a check over on your current system or have your deep cycle batteries checked? We can do a health check on your system and give you piece of mind before you go away on that trip. Correctly setting up your R.V. solar electrical system is essential to achieve the maximum efficiency and benefits from your solar power system and enjoy that freedom you’ve always wanted.

As fully qualified auto electricians and car mechanics, Snow Bros are also experts at fault finding. We can diagnose any electrical faults or problems with your recreational vehicle or mobile home. The team at Snow Bros always give you reliable trustworthy advice on how to correct any issues.

Talk to the pros!

For the best advice on solar systems and solar equipment supply for your motorhome, caravan or tiny home it pays to contact Snow Bros Auto Electrical. Our team has experienced auto electricians fully certified to complete installation of all recreational vehicle’s solar electrical systems.

Along with supply service and repair of all solar electrical equipment, the team at Snow Bros also repair:

  • Automotive air conditioning
  • DC/DC charging systems
  • Lithium battery upgrades
  • Lighting systems
  • Solar power systems, solar panels, and deep cycle batteries
  • Deep cycle batteries in AGM, flooded or Lithium
  • Battery monitoring systems
  • Battery chargers
  • Power inverters

If you need repairs to existing solar power systems or maybe you need some new equipment upgrades  such as LED lights or Lithium batteries. Snow Bros can supply and install all your solar powered requirements.

Call the team at Snow Bros Auto Electrical for fault finding and repairing your existing solar power systems. We also install new solar panel powered electrical systems and devices. We certainly have the experience and knowledge to do the job right.

Weekender DIY Solar kit from $960 (inc gst)
Weekender DIY Solar kit from $960 (inc gst)


The best choice for freedom campers

For the serious freedom camper, weekend adventurer also for boats and yachts, it is worth investing in a robust reliable solar power system that will meet all your future needs. Contact Snow Bros Auto Electrical to discuss the many options we have available for you.

After the installation of your solar power system the ongoing operating costs are minimal. A solar system of sufficient size can provide you with enough power to keep your batteries charged and supply power for many years and will keep you powered up so you don’t need to be at a powered site and enjoy that extra freedom.

Contact Snow Bros Auto Electrical in Whangarei, your one stop shop for all RV, motorhome auto electrical, solar power installation, repairs and maintenance.

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