Hybrid and electric vehicle repairs and servicing

When you need hybrid or electric vehicle repairs, Whangarei’s Snow Bros Auto Electrical are qualified EV technicians. EV and hybrid cars are the way of the future, and the progressive technicians at Snow Bros are the team to talk to for EV repairs, batteries and advice.

The high voltage batteries that power electric vehicles require a highly specialised set of skills and knowledge. The technicians at Snow Bros Auto Electrical have the training, equipment and experience to cater for all your EV needs efficiently and professionally. Snow Bros service and repair most makes and model of EV and hybrids, including the popular Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius and Renault Zoe, to name a few.

If you’re experiencing any problems with your EV, it makes good sense to seek help from qualified professionals who have the right skills and equipment to safely service and repair your EV.

High voltage batteries

For EV battery replacement, repairs and servicing, talk to Snow Bros. Their qualified EV technicians will ensure that your high voltage battery is working as the manufacturer intended using state of the art diagnostic equipment.

If you need a replacement battery, they also have a range of high voltage batteries in stock and can install it safely in your EV or hybrid. If they don’t have the high voltage battery you need, they can source it and install it for you.


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EV and Hybrid system checks and repairs

EV cars are more complex than conventional cars. A different approach is required to carry out repairs and servicing safely. Using the latest diagnostic equipment, Snow Bros will assess your EV, identifying any problems accurately. They can then correct any problems professionally and efficiently to ensure your EV is running as it should and safe on our roads.

When should I get my hybrid or EV serviced?

As with conventional vehicles, it’s recommended that you have your hybrid or EV serviced every 12 months. This ensures that everything is running as it should. The specialist team at Snow Bros use diagnostics that are dedicated to hybrid and EV engines. This gives you the confidence that your EV or hybrid is certainly performing smoothly.

Pre-purchase hybrid and EV inspection

Looking to buy an EV, but don’t know where to start? Talk to the qualified EV technicians at Snow Bros. They have the training, experience and knowledge to give you reliable advice on all things EV.

For EV repairs, advice and servicing, contact Snow Bros Auto Electrical – Whangarei’s EV specialists.

Contact Snow Bros mechanics today or drop in to see us whenever you need advice. Get your free vehicle assessment from the local experts.

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