Roadside Assistance – Call Out Service

Snow Bros Auto Electrical provide a reliable emergency call out service for breakdowns in and around Whangarei. Their reliable team are always able to help you 7 days a week with roadside assistance through our emergency break down call out service.

Breakdowns can happen anytime – on a busy road, or a quiet rural road. If you are needing a jumpstart or a new battery replacement then give us a call. Repairing a broken-down vehicle, yourself on the side of the road is certainly not easy. Even worse if you don’t know how to fix the problem yourself you could make things worse. Let the repair be tackled by a professional car mechanic. The best option is to call Snow Bros Auto Electrical emergency call out services. We can assist you for those Auto Electrical roadside assistance repairs. 6:00am to 9:00pm 7 days a week.

If we can’t get you started we can get you back to our modern fully equipped Automotive Electrical Workshop

At the location of your breakdown, Snow Bros can offer the basics such as a jumpstart, battery replacement or a fuel drop of 5 litres. If your vehicle has problems that require further attention, then Snow Bros Auto Electrical can arrange for you to be towed back to our workshop. We have a fully equipped automotive as well as auto electrical workshop ready to get you on the road again.



Standard call out fees are $75 and apply during normal hours: 8.00am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday.
All times outside of these normal hours will be charged at $85. Prices include GST.

LOCK OUT $75 / 85
JUMPSTART $75 / 85
TYRE CHANGE $75 / 85
FUEL 5L $75 / 85
KMS CHARGE OVER 10KM call to discuss

Normal hours are 8.00am – 5.00pm Mon – Fri $75 inc GST.
All other times outside this will be charged at $85 inc.

When roadside breakdown problems occur, and you need an emergency call out service or a roadside mechanic, don’t waste precious time. Contact the Snow Bros team to get you moving again with minimal delay.

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