Snow Bros are a team of specialist Whangarei auto electricians committed to providing quality repairs & towing services. With over 140 years combined experience, our team have the skills and experience to deal with any problem you bring to our auto electricians.

Roadside Assistance.

Our team are always able to help you, no matter where you have broken down.

Automotive Electrical Services.

Experienced, trained professionals and state-of-the-art equipment.

Car Batteries.

Whether in need of repair or replacement, troubleshooting is essential.


A lot of things can go wrong in any vehicle’s electrical system. Solving these issues, however, is not for everyone. Difficult repair work is best left to an experienced auto electrician like the team at Snow Bros.

Over 140 years of combined industry experience

Some may think that electrical problems in cars work much like those in homes. But as the trained professionals over at Snow Bros Auto Electrical can tell you, the two are similar but definitely not the same.

There is a reason most auto repair professionals dissuade motorists from fixing their cars’ electrical problems on their own. It’s dangerous for both car and driver as any incorrect or faulty wiring can be extremely hazardous. Having a trained technician conduct any repairs is almost always the best option.

Then who better than a trained and experienced technician working for a reputable company to take care of the problem? That’s what Snow Bros Auto Electrical proudly stands for (and has stood for) ever since the 1920s. The company’s reputation and industry experience goes back some 145 combined years—a feat only a few companies can ever hope to match.

Snow Bros specialise in solar energy/solar power, car batteries, and roadside rescue. Ours is a team of experienced professionals with a combined 145 years’ experience in the automotive industry. If you are looking for a qualified auto electrician in Whangarei come by Snow Bros today and see for yourself how we do things.

Don’t let auto electrical woes get the best of you, get in touch with us today to speak to one of your friendly and experienced team.

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